Pain In The Yeahs, often referred to as PITY is the music of Virginia native James Wagner. The project started in 2012 as an escape of sorts from playing in a long line of hardcore bands with varying degrees of notoriety. The first demos were constructed at home when roommates were out, using a second-hand keyboard, freeware recording software and a limited understanding of audio engineering. The early material took influence from the stripped down nature of The Cure’s Pornography, whereas the current and evolving sound takes cues from new wave, proto punk and various eras of rock and roll. Click the photo below to connect to their website!



"The guys in Audiostrobelight are doing things big. Incorporating a violin, keyboards, and the occasional mandolin, Audiostrobelight’s pop-rock attack is certainly full. It is also irrefutably infatuating. But do not think for one second that the Virginia Beach quintet is anything but dead serious about this whole music thing. Audiostrobelight just likes to balance business with pleasure. The guys claim that they could be having fun doing anything; they just choose to find their entertainment in the music that they create. Thankfully, for all those who like their punk-rock on the sugary side, Audiostrobelight’s fun melts right into their music." - Zack Zarrillo

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A master of the acoustic guitar, Matt Thomas brings wizardry as well as a vibrant and poetic music making and it has made him one of the most distinctive fingerstyle guitarists performing in the acoustic guitar arena today.

An acoustic guitarist of astounding strength, ability, control and sensitivity are almost as striking as his technical expertise. Intricate fingerstyle technique, with an uncanny gift for melodic invention, Matt Thomas delivers a flawless performance ever time.

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The Fuzz Band, whose sound is a fusion of Urban & Rock music, met and formed while attending Hampton University. Originally created as the house band for Fuzzy Wednesday, Virginia’s longest running open mic, the band soon began collaborating on original music and developing their own sound. Performing first at local venues and colleges, the band soon released Without Boundaries, followed by Collision, Change, and a Change of the Guards. Several years, multiple albums, and three USO tours later, the band continues to shine. Click the photo below to connect to their website!



The Great Noise was formed in March of this year by four friends from Chesapeake, Virginia. The rock band (who is gradually developing a reputation for their explosive performances), has worked their way into Norfolk’s heart, supporting some of the best acts in the area while quickly gaining a following. The bands brash approach to writing sends odes to classics from the 90s alternative rock era. As the band continues to gain momentum, you can click the photo below to connect to their instagram!



Portsmouth, VA-based, modern surf band Lucky 757 pay tribute to the founding pioneers of the early rock n roll and rockabilly from the 50’s and 60’s. Their high energy take on American roots music nods it’s hat to the genres forbears - Dick Dale, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent. The latter sharing the same hometown of Portsmouth, area code 757. Click on the photo below to connect to their website!


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From the funktastic sounds of the 70s, to the infectious dance hits of the 80's, with all the fresh sounds of today, Schooner or Later keeps the energy high and the inhibitions low. Featuring a seasoned crew who has played for presidents, toured the US and Europe, and who has attained the status of local legend, Schooner or Later knows how to keep the party goin, and the dancefloor poppin. Click on the photo below to connect to their website!


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